About us

At Bambinissimo, we are a new brand of the renowned company SPIMEX, with a history of more than 26 years in the children's play market. We have provided our services to clients around the world such as McDonald's, Burger King, Cinépolis, VIPS and Carl's Jr., creating and installing more than 1,000 games in indoor and outdoor spaces, to boost and develop the capabilities of the new generations.

Our inspiration to create Bambinissimo arises from the need to turn any space, no matter how small, into a special and safe place for children. We focus on offering quality solutions, without loose parts, specially designed for shops and businesses that want to have a children's area, but do not have a large space for slides and slides.

We understand the benefits of having a dedicated area for children in shops and businesses. Not only does it attract families and increase length of stay, it also creates a welcoming environment conducive to fun and learning. Studies have proven that businesses that implement children's areas have up to 20% more sales, thanks to the additional attraction they offer to families.

Our children's spaces are designed with high quality and safety standards, offering children a stimulating and safe environment to play. One of the pillars of our designs are our special activity panels for children, which encourage their comprehensive development. These panels offer a combination of fun and educational activities, stimulating creativity, motor skills and logical thinking.

At Bambinissimo, we are proud to be able to provide quality solutions and unique children's spaces, adapted to any size of space. Our commitment is to provide shops, businesses and homes with the possibility of creating safe, functional and attractive play environments that generate a memorable experience for children and a boost in sales for businesses.

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